September 12th, 2023

Dear Tim,

We write to you as advocates for a brighter future. Our respect for you and your leadership at Apple is profound, and we apologize if our actions caused you any stress. We decided to use your image in the psychomagic act because you possess the power and the opportunity to steer Apple towards a monumental transformation – a transition that could redefine the very essence of business for the greater good.

The urgency of this transition cannot be overstated. Our planet faces a state of overshoot, with the biosphere surpassing its capacity to mitigate human impact. Scarce natural resources are straining under the demands of a multitude of electronic manufacturers.

We hope you can see this as an opportunity to catalyze an urgent transition and to champion a new set of incentives that transcend traditional metrics of success. The prevailing system's incentives have proven to be degenerative, unsustainable, and short-sighted. Our proposal centers around a radical shift, focusing on maximizing the well-being of all stakeholders as the paramount objective. In this pivotal moment in history, your influence can help reshape the world.

We extend an invitation, a call to action. Join us in forging the Apple Alliance , our diverse working group and network aiming to transform the company and maximise the well-being of all its stakeholders. That includes users, workers, suppliers, and the planet. By joining the alliance, you help steer Apple towards a monumental transformation – a transition that is a commitment to a better world. With your leadership, we believe this transformation is feasible in less than three years.

> This shift will not only secure a thriving future for Apple but will set an inspiring precedent for others to follow. As an advocate for progress, you will hold a legacy that echoes far beyond the tech industry. Imagine the positive feedback loops that will ensue: enhanced brand loyalty, amplified innovation, fortified partnerships, and renewed trust.

We recognize the magnitude of this proposition, Tim, and we stand ready to take this step together towards a more inclusive, and prosperous future.

May this bring a positive change for all.

Act Different Team