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Hi Tim!

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Modular. Infinite.

iPhone ∞

>Starting at $8.88/mo. for infinity – or as long as you want it

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Modular design for unprecedented flexibility

You have the Right to Repair

Keep your iPhone working perfectly, as long as you want

Electronic magnet chassis

Seamless and durable for infinite lifespan, and infinite possibilities

Customize your iPhone

Add modules for extra storage, additional battery life, connections, and more

Minimum impact on the planet

Never obsolete for a massive reduction in electronic waste

Pro-level features

48MP main camera, Super Retina ∞ 6.7-inch display, the longest battery life and A17 Bionic chip. Fast that lasts.

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True innovation is diversity

Apple believes true innovation extends beyond technology to the way a company does business. This is why we are transitioning away from a traditional Board of Directors to a new governance model: the Council of Directors.


Board of Directors

Elite group of business decision-makers and investors interested in maximizing profits


Council of Directors

A representative group of voices collaborating for the well-being of all stakeholders

Stakeholder-Centric Approach

Apple stakeholders are a broad range of individuals and groups who have an interest in, and are impacted by, company operations.

This includes not only our investors but also our suppliers, manufacturers, app developers, and employees at all levels.

We also consider as stakeholders all future generations and the planet we share.

The Council of Directors will have responsibility far beyond financial growth. It will guide the company to a more inclusive and sustainable future for Apple, the communities we serve, and the lives we touch.

Representing Diverse Voices

The Council of Directors is made up of 11 stakeholders who represent the values and aspirations of our global community:

3 supply chain reps

Such as materials suppliers, manufacturing partners and application developers

3 x SC

3 Apple employees

Representing all levels, from the CEO to store and factory workers

3 x AE

1 nature + 1 future

2 individuals representing, the environment and future generations

3 x S

3 Apple stakeholders

Safeguarding the financial future of this big ass entity

With this diverse group of stakeholders, we can ensure that Apple is driving positive change that benefits everyone, including communities the company has historically ignored and exploited.

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Help Create a Better Future Together

Do you know someone who’s right for the Council of Directors?
Someone who perfectly represents one of these stakeholder communities?

Sign up to nominate a stakeholder for the Council of Directors

Are you an Apple stakeholder?
This is an invitation for you.

You are invited to join our working group of diverse voices transforming the company into one that maximizes the well-being of all Apple stakeholders, including users, workers, suppliers, and the planet.

This is a psychomagic act

This is NOT an Apple Inc's website.

Our planet is breaking down, unable to cope with the ever-increasing demands of global corporations and the pollution this creates. This is an attempt to change one of the biggest, most influential corporations of them all. Apple may be where we put our focus, but it is just a symbol of the wider system we live in. This campaign is an artistic performance that aims not to create chaos but to manifest a sustainable future for everyone. .


Psychomagic Act

  • 3 seeds are planted
  • + NVDA
  • Main intention
  • Grab Attention

Channel Attention

  • Through Website
  • Main intention
  • Educate and find allies for the Apple Alliance

Create Apple Alliance with

  • Diverse stakeholders
  • Main intention
  • Find the right incentives for Apple’s New
    Business Model

This is the first stage of a larger plan that will result in the creation of a diverse and representative working group.

With deep love for our planet and its inhabitants, the majority of this campaign's production work was accomplished through heartfelt volunteer contributions. We are a team of more than 50 artists and activists with extensive backgrounds in tech, science, design, storytelling and communication from five continents. We've been supported by experienced activists and organizations like Extinction Rebellion and The Yes Men.
May this bring a positive change for all.

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