The Apple Alliance

The Apple Alliance is NOT part of the psychomagic act, it is a sincere endeavor for tangible a change.

What is the Apple Alliance?

The Apple Alliance is a working group and network committed to reshaping Apple Inc. and ensuring the well-being of all its stakeholders.

With a diverse group of stakeholders, we can ensure that Apple is driving positive change that benefits everyone, including communities the company has historically ignored and exploited.

The urgency of this transition cannot be overstated. Our planet faces a state of overshoot, surpassing its capacity to mitigate human impact. Scarce natural resources are straining under the demands of a multitude of electronic manufacturers, while income inequality forces a global workforce to perform dangerous mining and manufacturing jobs to meet product demand.

Who are Apple Stakeholders?

Apple stakeholders represent a broad range of individuals and entities who are affected by or have an interest in Apple's actions.

They include

  • Users and customers: People who use Apple products to enhance their lives and work.
  • Apple employees and workers: Those who contribute their skills and efforts to making Apple products and services possible.
  • Suppliers: Companies that provide essential materials and components for Apple's products, often engaging in hazardous and poorly compensated work.
  • Manufacturers: Companies that assemble and produce Apple devices, sometimes under challenging conditions, particularly in regions like China.
  • Investors and shareholders: Individuals and organizations who have invested in Apple's success.
  • Communities where Apple operates: The places where Apple is present in one way or another and its actions can have a significant impact.
  • Nature and ecosystems: The living world threatened by destruction and degradation due to Apple's operations.
  • Future generations: Those who will inherit the world we shape today.

Why the Apple Alliance?

Today only a few people, such us investors and shareholders, have a say in Apple's decisions. The Apple Alliance understands this and wants to change it. We believe that everyone connected to Apple should have a voice and a vote.

Imagine a future where:

  • Users and customers have products that are designed with their well-being in mind, also considering aspects such as their health and privacy.
  • Apple employees and workers enjoy fair wages, safe working conditions, and opportunities for growth.
  • Suppliers and manufacturers are partners in sustainability, reducing their environmental impact and improving the lives of their workers and communites.
  • Investors and shareholders benefit from a company that is not just profitable but also socially responsible.
  • Communities where Apple operates see the benefits of Apple's presence in education, implementation of clean energy projects, and more.
  • Nature and ecosystems threatened bydegradation and destruction receive protection, restoration, and a backward-looking approach that honors their history.
  • Future generations inherit a world where technology enhances life without harming the environment.

Are you an Apple stakeholder?
This is an invitation for you.

You are invited to join our working group of diverse voices transforming the company into one that maximizes the well-being of all Apple stakeholders, including users, workers, suppliers, and the planet.